Natural Blond Hair Dye

Light Blond Natural Hair Dye

Our natural blond is made with henna believe it or not! Imagine being able to stay blond and condition your hair while you color it! We have tried to make a permanent blond (yes this will be made in the USA)
for 8 years and a few weeks ago we accidentally discovered it!

Harvest Moon® is 100% chemical free and safe for the entire family. Please remember this blond will not go lighter. The only people that can use this is people with blond hair (chemical treated or not), gray hair and white hair. If your hair is growing out white, gray or blond you can do the roots coming in and take on the effect of the “reverse hombre” (can you say Jessica Simpson?) effect/look. Hombre is in and this is when your hair is two colors- most commonly blond and brown, however many women do the hombre with red as well.

If your hair is short and brittle you will love Harvest Moon® all natural hair colors. Your hair will grow faster and longer than ever before! Your hair will be soft, shiny and who needs split ends? Harvest Moon® is a great way to get your hair back in top shape. Color, conditioner and protect your hair today.

We will have an ingredients list soon as well. Rest assured it is just as natural as all of our hair dyes!