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Light Brown Hair Dye

Light brown henna gives you a light brown color. Simply add water and mix.

Step 1. Wash and dry hair, do not use dandruff or chemical shampoo.
Step 2. Mix with water to get a yogurt consistency.

Step 3. Put on gloves and apply to head as thick as possible. Rinse one hour later.

Do not use shampoo on head for 24-48 hours. No longer than 48 hours!


Light Brown Henna Hair Dye:

Lawsonia Inermis Linn
Indigofera Tinctoria
Emblica Officinalis Gartn
Eclipta Alba
Azadirachta Indica

Light Brown Hair Dye

10 Responses to “Light Brown Hair Dye”

  • Scarlet:

    Good to know, that is exactly how I did it 🙂 It’s also nice to know with henna (unlike chemical dyes) that you can repeat the process without damage. Thanks for your reply, I appreciate it.

  • Henna hair dye:

    All of our harvest moon® browns can take a full 48 hours for the color to settle. The bluish roots should be changed to brown by the end of the 48 hours if the application was done correctly. Start with clean (non conditioned) dry hair, mix powder with tap water and apply. You rinse the paste from your hair after 1 hour, you may use a small amount of conditioner to help remove the paste. Wash the hair with shampoo 24 hours after application, in another 24 hours the color should be your desired brown color. After 48 hours if the color is not to your exact darkness you desire you can apply another application to darken it up.

  • Scarlet:

    Oh! In regards to my last post, I should have posted this on dark brown…I used the Dark Brown henna. Thanks.

  • Scarlet:

    I just used this for my first time last night, following directions exactly as listed. I had light roots and brown hair from dying it with a box dye several months ago. My roots were a very light brown, sort of dishwater blonde. Since I used the henna last night my roots have gone from green to an odd blue color. Will it continue to darken to a natural color? Or was my natural color too light? I do not know what to do, and I have a wedding to go to, so I don’t want to be there with there funky weird bluish roots, not sure if I should wait another day or try another/different color application. Please Advise! Thank you.

  • Henna hair dye:

    You just need to use Harvest Moon light brown. No oil treatments, no leave in conditioners. Wait 2 weeks after you do the relaxer.

  • christina:

    My hair at the moment has severe breakage issues, last year I bleached the back and put a red in and now its a copper tone ( so ugly)! The top is a dark brown! I am trying to get a light brown on my entire head, will henna help me with the task and if so which one should I choose and how long does it last?? Plus its relaxed…

  • Henna hair dye:

    O no! What a way to start your freshmen year. Unfortunately when you sue chemicals it is permanent. Even our hair dye is permanent. But oiur dye does not go lighter, only equal to or darker than. So with ours the only thing you can do is use deep red and give the black a red tint. Our dye will get rid of the brittleness and help your hair recover from chemical dye. I remember my freshman year, I started school with a shaved head! So it could be worse! Mine was a result of hazing, a school ritual. So imagine starting school bald! Black would be awesome compared to that.
    So stay away from chemicals in the future! Your way to young to start frying your hair.

  • hi im 14 and i been dying my hair for a while and i choose to go darker and i came out to dark …it came out BLACK! i wont it to be gone!! but i dont wont to dye it back to light brown risking it to come out bad or it fried, school starts in 2 weeks and i need help 🙁 i wont it light brown ut i just dont know how to get it back to its normal color without makeing my hair thicker?? please help me, i need something that doesnt cost alot of money? or more than a week, please help….


  • Henna hair dye:

    If you add chemicals to “henna” you now have chemcial hair dye. Our dyes you can dye over chemically treated hair. The lighter the color you use ( of our products) the more henna you will have. Our hair dye is “healthy hair dye” and if you use the ones with reds it will rid your split ends and make your hair thicker, shinier and it will start to grow fast again. If you are using chemical hair dye that much you are lucky you are alive or not made a trip to the hospital (in my opinion). It should turn green for the first 12 hours and then turn darker, if you use any of the browns or blacks. Salt, dandruf shampoo and what not can turn it green over time. other than that no worries, just stop putting chemicals in your headand hair and you will be fine and it will look all natural.
    The browns will do the same as far as healthy hair, however it will take longer because you must do root touch ups as it comes in or it will keep getting darker. Hope that helps!

  • Desiree:

    I’m considering the light brown hair dye for my hair, but I have a few questions first. I have repeatedly dyed my hair brown with home hair coloring kits for the last 6 months or so. I just cut all the broken and split ends off today, but I’ve read that some henna can “melt” your hair if you’ve dyed it with chemicals. Is this a possibility with this dye? Also what are the chances my hair will turn green? And precisely how long does this color last and will it fade to a greenish color? Thanks

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