How To Make Your Henna Hair Color Last Longer

I’ve been doing henna hair dye now for 13 years, and learned a lot along the way, helping thousands of people get their hair in tip-top shape. I love getting feedback from different people and know the myths, and tricks of the trade. I have mixed henna with hundreds of different ingredients. One thing I never learned about was techniques to keep the color in, and keeping it from fading. Most peoples hair is very absorbent, and a few are not. Matter of fact some people are “dye-less”, meaning even chemical hair dye will not change the color of their hair. One day a customer “Vanessa” called in to just say thanks for a great product and she wanted to share with me how she applied and I was shocked to learn she had been using our hair color since 2014 and only did her roots once a month. Many things can make henna hair dye fade quicker, sun, swimming, certain products among other things.

This will not work on chemical dyes, only henna and actually will condition your hair even more and help with hair loss. Do not use lemon juice and use sulfate-free shampoo. Essential oils are not recommended but optional if using natural pure red henna. Not to be confused with red-red henna. This is the most natural coloring you will ever use and you can easily make it match your natural hair color and also works on dark colors. Following the instructions below will make your henna color last longer.

-boil water and shut off before shower

-mix powders

-wash hair 2x w/shampoo

-wash with 1 cup of apple cider vinegar and let sit for 3 min, rinse out

-mix hot water with powders

-use application brush from to apply and let sit for 1 hour

-rinse till clear

-do not wash my hair for 2 days after (do not wait longer). This helps the darker pigment set and my hair oils to further recoup.

This method will help the hair color penetrate the hair shaft and is easy to apply. You can apply the henna to damp wet hair or dry hair. Shampooing your hairs before the apple vinegar helps the vinegar do its job and you will not smell it a long time. This also works on treated hair (that has been treated with chemicals, perms or straighteners).


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  1. George Fields says

    I would like to know what color the brown will fade to. ex. I am currently using Mahogany which my gray fades to red..

    • Rodney says

      If it is fading to red something is stripping out the color or your hair is not very porous. Leave-in conditioners, oil treatments or shampoos with oils can strip it.
      here is a solution that will help in a big way if any of the above is the case. How to make your henna hair dye last longer Best to find out what is stripping the brown, mahogany naturally has some red, so dark brown would be better, but I would still do the technique, it just helps it last longer all the way across the board.

  2. Kiara says

    I feel this is one of the so much important info on hair henna for me and I’m satisfied reading your article. I also used biotin hair care products which are free from chemicals and drugs.

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