10 Ways To Be Earth Friendly On More Days Than Earth Day April 22nd

Celebrate Earth day with Harvest Moon

Harvest Moon is Earth friendly

Earth Day is something more than a holiday, it is about taking care of the one thing that keeps us and our grand children alive. Earth Day is the one holiday that is celebrated around the globe and with every country since 1970. Since 2006, we have saved over 500,000 packs of chemical hair and beard dye from going down the drains, all single handed. Today we do not even own a fax machine. We all know a package sells, however, we limit our package to as little paper as possible. We believe the product sells itself and trees do not need to be cut down to do so.

Are You Earth Friendly?

Our planet really needs everyone to help, so we hope you will pitch in!

Each year millions of chemicals are tossed into our drains. Hair salons are among the top as well as your very own home. People just do not get it, they are not understanding the impact each person can make. Every vote counts and so will every “one” effort to make small changes. We have thousands of things we are doing that we could stop and make a huge impact, here are just a few you can do that are easy and will not impact your lifestyle.

Things To Make A Difference On Earth

Just filling your tires on your car will save millions of tons in rubber, fuel, and pollution. Here are a few other small things to do to make a major impact on our planet earth, even if you do it once a month or even a year:

  • Planting one tree. This is huge and so very easy.
  • Recycling one piece of plastic.
  • Using solar power on small things, fountains yard lights.
  • Tenting the windows on your house.
  • Going paperless in your home or office (make copies on USB devices).
  • Chemical free hair dye, with 10,000 Walmarts, CVS, Walgreens, and the fact that there is 680,000 salons in the USA that dye hair with chemicals, that means millions of people are dying hair with chemicals and washing them down the drain on a daily bases. This is madness and one that is way overlooked.
  • Car pooling, did you know Lyft is very inexpensive? If you do not drive far to work, a daily Lyft or Uber cost lest than a car payment with insurance.
  • Non aerosol/chemical products.
  • Non chemical cleaners. Vinegar is so incredibly cheap and the smell only smells for a little while but knocks out all those nasty germs. Who needs Windex? You can mix your own in a matter of minutes.
  • Having your own water system instead of buying bottled water. Plastic bottles are now being used to make all kinds of great things, however save yourself money and time using a filtration system.
  • Use rain water to water your grass (saved in rain storage devices).
  • Take shorter showers.
  • Recycle electronics and aluminum.
  • Raise your temperature just two degrees in the summer and lower it two degrees in the winter, you will adjust! I use to sleep with the AC set on 69 every night. It took
    about 2 months, but now I am use to sleeping with it set on 76 when I go to bed in the summer, and it lowered my bill dramatically. I also get chilly, so your body does adjust.
  • Turn the water off when brushing your teeth.
  • Do not flush medications or wash them down the drain. Take them to your local pharmacy and they will dispose of them properly.
  • If every person just filled there tires every 3,000 miles it would save millions of tons of rubber and gas. When you get your car serviced make sure they fill them up, not just check them.

Check out all of our natural hair and beard dye colors and stop washing chemical hair dyes down the drain, ti will make a very big difference.

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