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Dark Brown Hair Dye

Dark brown hair dye does not get any more natural looking than this. It is made from the earth’s natural products and last just as long as horrible chemical hair dye.

Always do a strand test prior to applying henna.

Step 1. Wash and dry hair, do not use dandruff or chemical shampoo.
Step 2. Mix with water to get a yogurt consistency.

Step 3. Put on gloves and apply to head as thick as possible. Rinse one hour later.

Do not use shampoo on head for 24-48 hours. 48 hours is best..


Lawsonia Inermis Linn (henna)
Indigofera Tinctoria
Emblica Officinalis Gartn
Eclipta Alba
Azadirachta Indica

Dark Brown hair dye

2 Responses to “Dark Brown Hair Dye”

  • Henna hair dye:

    If you are doing your whole head over and over it should be black after the 3 or forth time. if it is fading something is happening. Leave in conditioners, oil treatments, or other hair products can cause problems. Bottled water and distilled water as well. Wrapping your head when you apply it can make it not last as long as well. Lots of small factors … putting oil in the mix … letting it sit on the counter to long before applying it…
    Your hair nees to be washed twice with a non conditioning shampoo, then mix and apply asap. Some people us dark brown and do not get as dark as others, so f that is the case you can use the black yes and just mix it together. Black comes with indigo and henna, mix it 3 parts indigo to one part henna. That should do the trick. NO lemons either. Just tap water. If you sue a shower cap cut a hole in the top. You can add a small amount of apple vinegar to help it stay in if it is not doing so.

  • Adrienne:


    First of all, I LOVE your products and feel fortunate to have found this site. I’ve been using the henna for about a year now and my hair is much healthier after 20 years of harsh, chemical dyes. I have a question about the dark brown which I’ve used a couple times. It doesn’t get as dark as I would like and tends to fade quickly. I follow the directions perfectly but I was hoping for something a little richer. I was wondering if you suggest combining the black in equal parts with the dark brown as a way to create the darkest possible brown without going black?
    Much appreciated,

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