Burgundy Hair Dye

Harvest Moon burgundy henna hair dye

Harvest Moon burgundy henna hair dye

Harvest Moon® burgundy henna hair dye is a brighter color on gray or light colored hair. Burgundy is an excellent conditioner and works on any hair. The darker your hair the less you will see burgundy, although is visible on black hair in the direct sun and visible in doors on browns and dark browns. Natural burgundy will makes browns darker. You may see orange at first on white hair turning darker over night. A second application might be required on white hair or your can mix a small amount of indigo in to darken it up on the roots or white areas. Ingredients

Harvest Moon Burgundy (Hair or Beard)

If you want an burgundy effect and you have dark hair, you might want to consider deep red, deep red gives a burgundy effect and shows better on dark brown or black hair. You can also darken deep red by adding indigo. The more indigo you add the darker it will be.
Great to also use on blond highlights. If you have uneven colored hair, you will highlighted results. If you want a solid color, use the corresponding color to even color and then apply deep red over it 24-48 hours later. You can also mix deep red with any color, here is an example of a deep red/burgundy mix:

Burgundy henna hair dye by harvest moon

Using burgundy on highlights before and after

Use Over Chemical Hair Dye

If you have used chemicals you need not worry. You can literally chemical hair dye and then immediately use Harvest Moon over the chemicals. Your hair will be instantly soft after your first shampoo. Harvest Moon has natural conditioners that condition your hair while it is adding color. Please remember colors might come out brighter on chemically dyed blond hair. We always recommend a strand test to see what color to expect.

Hair Growth And Curls

Your curls are safe and you will notice your hair will start to grow faster. This is perfectly normal and a healthy sign your hair is doing better. Harvest Moon will also protect your hair from the sun’s harmful UV rays.

How Much Do You Need?

One package contains 100 grams or about 4 ounces of powder. This is enough to do shoulder blade length hair. If your hair is thick, you might need 1 pack and 1/4th pack mixed. Powder mixed thicker is always better than runny. So make sure you get enough to get the best results.  Whatever you do not use, store in a dry cool place out of light and it will stay fresh up to one year. Unopened it is good for 4-5 years.

If you have questions, please contact us. We do answer quickly, even on most weekends.

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