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Black Hair Dye

Black hair dye that is 100% natural is hard to find. Go super black with henna and indigo. Seems complicated at first but once you get it down you will not go any other way. You hair will love you forever!
Our black is a 2 step process. You do natural henna first and then you do the indigo.
For instructions and more information please go to our indigo page.


Henna 100%

Indigo 100%

Black Hair Dye

8 Responses to “Black Hair Dye”

  • Henna hair dye:

    Yes 100% natural, and yes it will turn it black. Get the black , it iwll come with henna and indigo, indigo is also a plant based product like henna. Henna is only red, add indigo and you get browns and black.

    So get the black and follow the directions.

  • Esther:

    My hair is black, now 25% grey. I have tried other henna products but they turned my grey hair to reddish orange. Does your product turn grey hair to black? How often does it need to be re-applied? is it 100% natural? Thanks.

  • Henna hair dye:

    You would want to use the black to maintain your black coloring.

  • My hair is black I dye my hair with regular dye,because my roots come out gray, am I wanted start using your Henna, Wish one product I use

  • Henna hair dye:

    Like it states on the website 100% Natural Hair Dye, 100% Vegan. We do not add any PPD to our hair dyes. ” 95% of our customers
    come to us “after” they have had a bad reaction to chemical hair dye.” Just use indigo by itself and mix it with distilled water and it should give it a purple natural hue. It comes with all of the directions, just not the part about the distilled water. Thanks! Here is a link to the indigo Alcohol also makes it purple, but it is not natural nor good for your hair.

  • Tes:

    Hi, im allergic to ppd are these products natural and ppd free?? I have a medium brown colour (natural hair) and wish to dye my hair blue black or violet black , what products i have to buy and how i use them??

  • hennahair:

    Indigo is not permanent and some people it will turn black by itself. You can also mix henna and indigo together, 75% indigo and 25% henna and do a one step and it will be permanent. It may or may not work that way.

  • Barbara Owens:

    Hair is black, need to dye gray hair; do not want to go red or brown (henna) first. Can I just used the Indigo on hair. Thanks.


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