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Imagine natural hair dye that is good for your hair and good for the environment? A hair dye that will leave your hair thicker, shinier and much more manageable. Split ends gone and no more itchy calp! If you have dandruff we can help!

All of our products come from mother nature and all are 100% natural.

We do not add chemicals in our products. We value your business and work with cancer patients, pregnant women and children. We use many different clays,indigo,henna and other ingredients that grow from the ground to make our permanent hair dye and other products.

100% Natural Hair Dye, 100% Vegan

Henna for hair

Beard Dye

Face Care

Hair Dye

All of our hair dye and products will have a list of ingredients on the page of the product. You can cut and paste the ingredients and search Wikipedia to learn more.

10 Responses to “Home”

  • Henna hair dye:

    We will be hainvg a VIP members club soon. If you sign up for that you get 20% off for life.
    Even if a product is marked down you will get that discount. look for it on

  • kon:

    more information
    is there any grade of henna
    have wholesale price
    we from hong kong hand treatment salon thank

  • Henna hair dye:

    The length of your hair will stay the color dyed and any new growth that comes in will need to be touched up accordingly. The harvest moon hair and beard dye® truly conditions the hair while coloring. You will have healthier hair it will be softer, stronger and shinier the longer you use it.

  • Ruth:

    How long does the dye last? and truly nourish the hair?

  • Mary:

    I cannot use any other hair dye, Harvest Moon works the absolute best for me and I do not get rashes or blisters any more.

  • Henna hair dye:

    No. Like we say all over out site, we do not add any chemicals in the dyes. With that said the burgundy will not show very well on black. The lighter your color the better you will see burgundy.

  • ur bugundy contain some chemical? I am sure there should be some chemical.

  • Henna hair dye:

    All of our products is PPD free. When you check out select your country. Select black as it is what you need. It will come with indigo and henna, both pure from plants. Also all we sell is Harvest Moon as they are the best there is.

  • macm:

    Dear sir or madam,
    I am presently working in Qatar and want to purchase black henna without chemicals. What henna brand do you sell? You mention lawsonia inermis, I can find this in Qatar, but it has PPD in it. I am allergic to PPD and wish to purchase your chemical free hair dye. Thank you.

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